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Wedding photography is a priority for most couples on their big day, as it captures memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re getting married in the North East of England, some fantastic historic buildings offer a beautiful backdrop and a unique, romantic setting. So whether you’re looking for a grand castle such as Alnwick Castle, a landmark such as Hexham Abbey, or a country house like Cragside Hall, you’re sure to find the perfect location in the North East of England.

5 Historic North East Buildings

  1. Bamburgh Castle, BamburghBamburgh Castle, located on the Northumberland coast, is a magnificent medieval fortress that offers a beautiful setting for your wedding. This historic castle is surrounded by stunning coastal views, making it the perfect place for wedding photography. The castle offers several rooms that can be hired for your big day, including the Great Hall, which is ideal for an intimate ceremony. The castle also has a large lawn and gardens perfect for outdoor photography. Bamburgh Castle is a stunning venue with a commanding view over the beach and seascape.
  2. Durham Cathedral, DurhamDurham Cathedral is undeniably one of the most important historic buildings in the North East of England. This iconic cathedral offers a unique and dramatic setting for your wedding day, with its soaring columns and stained glass windows creating a truly romantic atmosphere. The cathedral also has a tranquil cloister garden perfect for wedding photography. Durham Cathedral is a magnificent venue that will provide a memorable backdrop for your big day (although is rarely available for use these days).
  3. Alnwick Castle, AlnwickAlnwick Castle, located in the heart of Northumberland, is a stunning medieval castle that offers a beautiful and historic setting for your wedding day. The castle’s imposing towers and battlements create a dramatic backdrop for your wedding photography, while the castle’s extensive gardens and parklands offer plenty of space for outdoor photography. Alnwick Castle is a unique venue that will make your wedding day memorable.
  4. Hexham Abbey, HexhamHexham Abbey is a historical church that dates back to the 7th century, making it one of the oldest buildings in the North East of England. The abbey offers a stunning and tranquil setting for your wedding day, with its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful stained glass windows. The abbey’s cloisters and garden are perfect for your wedding photography, providing a relaxed and romantic backdrop for your big day. Hexham Abbey is a historic and beautiful venue that is one of a kind.
  5. Brinkburn Priory, LongframlingtonBrinkburn Priory is a 12th century Augustinian priory in an early Gothic style. The priory features beautiful stained glass windows and an organ built by William Hill (the organ maker.. not the bookie!).

Which historic buildings can you get married at in the North East of England

There are many notable landmarks and buildings where you can have a wedding ceremony in the North East. Some favourite venues include Durham Castle, Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick Castle, Hexham Abbey and Brinkburn Priory.


Finally, the North East of England has a fantastic selection of historical buildings for your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a grand castle, a historic church, or a charming country house, you’re sure to find the perfect venue in this region. These buildings offer a beautiful and unique setting for your wedding, making them the ideal backdrop for your wedding photography. With their historic charm and stunning scenery, these buildings will make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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