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The wedding day is a meaningful and memorable day for every bridal couple. However, at the end of the end and after months of planning, the photographs and the wedding album are all the bridal couple will have to remember this special day. 

Therefore selecting the right photographer to capture every special moment is essential. In addition, the wedding photos should be of high quality for them to last through posterity.

A good photographer can capture every emotion behind the photograph. And that’s what defines and differentiates a professional photographer from any run-of-the-mill photographer.

Things To Think About When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

When selecting a professional wedding photographer, the couple may want to consider the following aspects related to the photographs and wedding album. 

1. Set A Realistic Budget

The couple should earmark a photography budget as part of their wedding plans. The funding helps to select the best wedding photographer. Photographers are open to discussing suitable packages with their clients.

The budget determines the number of photographs the couple will receive, whether they will be in a digital or hardcopy, etc.

2. Think About What You Need To Know

Finding a wedding photographer who fits with you as a couple is going to take a bit of effort. You should therefore think of some questions before you enquire. 

Having a chat goes a long way to establishing whether the photographer can relax you, family members, etc. Here are a few questions to you can ask.

  • Is the photographer insured?
  • How much experience does the photographer have with wedding photography?
  • Do they have a turn-around time for a full-photo gallery?

Other than these professional questions, there are additional questions for the list. These questions are based on developing trust with the photographer. 

  • What excites the photographer about capturing weddings? What’s important to the photographer about wedding photography?
  • What is their approach to the wedding day? How do they address the pre and post-wedding processes?
  • How do they help pose the bridal couple, bridal party, extended family, etc.?
  • How are they different from other wedding photographers?

3. Find The Right Photography Style 

Each photographer may have a preference or a different approach to a specific style. Therefore, the couple should conduct some research before meeting with the photographer. 

Photography style refers to candid, contemporary, creative, classic black and white, etc. In this technological age, some people prefer digitally enhanced photos. The couple should ask themselves whether they would like Great Aunt Ethel’s warts and all or have them digitally removed.

Your Wedding Album

You may also choose a photographer who can provide a high-quality, custom wedding album that suits your needs and budget. It is not enough to find a photographer; it also depends on how they present the couple’s precious photographs. 

Here are a few hints that may assist the couple regarding the wedding album.

1. Select An Album Style

Photo albums are available in various styles. The couple may go the traditional route and select a bound album, or they have the digital option. 

2. The Album Size

The number of photographs the couple selects from the photographer determines the size of the wedding album. Do they prefer a large coffee table-type album or a small, more intimate one?

3. The Album Materials

The type of materials used also helps the couple decide on an album. Selecting the album materials will depend on the couple’s photography budget. The higher quality materials will cost more but are longer lasting and more durable. 

4. Options For The Wedding Album

The photographer should advise the couple on customisation options, if any, are available for their album. For example, does the couple require personalised engraving with their names and wedding date on the album? Or do they need a specific material type for the cover and pages?

A photographer who can customise albums is a rare find and one the couple should certainly appoint to capture their wedding day. 

5. Delivery Time For Wedding Album

Finalizing a photographer for their wedding also depends on how long the photographer takes to deliver the wedding album. A turn-around time of 3-4 weeks is sufficient for delivery. 

6. Album Costs

The photographer should be upfront about the costs of the wedding album. They will also advise the couple on additional expenses like packaging and shipping costs, other pages, etc.


Choosing a wedding photographer is an important task that requires consideration for every bridal couple. It’s crucial to find someone with the technical skills to capture beautiful photographs and who understands the couple’s vision for their special day and can work with them to create meaningful, lasting memories.

Selecting a professional photographer is based on the couple’s budget, their photography style, budget, and the photographer’s personality. When all these factors blend, the couple is assured of a near-to-perfect wedding and top-class photographs.

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