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Wedding planning can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially for couples who are trying to balance their busy schedules and meet the expectations of their families and friends. 

However, it is possible to have a stress-free wedding by taking a few simple steps to streamline the planning process and focus on what is most important to the bridal couple. 

Whether the couple is just starting to plan their wedding or is in the final stages of preparation, these ideas may help them create a memorable and stress-free celebration.

The Pre-Wedding Planning

The wedding planning usually begins months, sometimes a year in advance. However, if it is months ahead, there are a few pointers the couple should consider when planning their wedding.

1. Select A Wedding Planner

Every bridal couple should hire a professional wedding planner when they tie the knot. A friend or aunt with years of experience organising family get-togethers will not do.

A professional wedding planner knows the ins’ and outs’ of the wedding and can foresee the areas that need more attention and those that cause stress. They are professionally trained and experienced in handling every stressful situation.

A significant part of the wedding comes during the planning phases, when the couple has to decide on the venue, floral and seating arrangements, menu, etc. These are minor details but could be the cause of significant stress. 

A wedding planner with a magic wand can make all these stresses disappear, allowing the bride and groom to focus on essential things.

A day-of coordinator is another option for the bridal couple to consider. As the name suggests, a day-of coordinator coordinates everything wedding-related on the ceremony day. 

The ceremony day is stressful enough for the couple without worrying about whether the flowers are drooping or the flower girl’s having a meltdown because her lucky brooch is missing. 

A day-of coordinator and a wedding planner are a must for every bridal couple to have a stress-free wedding.

2. Be Flexible With Setting A Wedding Date

Finalizing the wedding date may be stressful for the couple. Between trying to coordinate the wedding, the couple also needs to coordinate the wedding parties’ timetables; the couple can avoid this stress by selecting a convenient day for them and the availability of the wedding venue. 

Several venues offer more affordable rates for weddings on a weekday. In addition, a weekday wedding may reduce the stress of how many guests to invite. The couple may also opt for an evening midweek wedding.

Avoid a Saturday wedding. Wedding venues usually run back-to-back weddings on a Saturday. The staff at the venue are busy trying to complete one wedding and plan for the next that they cannot give the attention the couple deserves on their special day. 

Therefore, the couple should consider a Sunday wedding for a stress-free wedding. In addition, planning a Sunday wedding allows the guests and the bridal couple more time to relax to prepare for the main ceremony.  

And for those guests who partied late the night before, they have extra time for that hangover remedy to settle in!

3. Keep The Number Of Guests Low

A wedding should be a quiet, intimate ceremony involving the most influential people in the couple. It can include something other than the neighbour of the couple’s parents! 

The more significant number of guests adds to the couple’s stress. The couple should keep the numbers down and add to the simplicity of the wedding to avoid stress.

A smaller wedding allows the couple to focus on the essential people in their lives. And on the wedding day, it will enable them to connect with the people who mean the most to them when they exchange their vows.

4. Selecting A Venue

Selecting a venue is vital for every bridal couple. There are a few hints the bridal couple should consider when choosing a wedding venue;

Select an all-inclusive venue

Several wedding venues have affordable all-inclusive wedding packages available. However, trying to coordinate several vendors may be stressful for the couple. With an all-inclusive venue, the couple needs to relax and enjoy their special day without the stress and hassles of worrying whether the food is sufficient or the ice cream has melted.

Select One Venue For The Ceremony And The Reception

The bridal couple should find a venue to hold the wedding ceremony and the reception. Trying to coordinate two venues adds to the stress and not to mention the wedding costs. 

Wedding Day Planning

The Big Day has arrived! After months of coordinating, planning, and arguments with vendors and perhaps family members, the final day is here. First, however, there are a few areas the couple may want to focus on to avoid stress.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Undoubtedly, there will be some mishap or emergency; therefore, the couple should have a bag for every emergency. Appoint a close friend or relative on duty to carry this emergency bag. This should include the following;

  • Sewing kit,
  • Hair spray and bobby pins, extra hair clips, etc.
  • Scissors,
  • Extra Tissues
  • Fashion Tape to hold up the strap that broke unexpectedly,
  • Pain-killers, at the end of a long day, either of the bridal couples will need something for that headache!

Carry An Extra Pair Of Dancing Shoes

After a long day in heels, the bride will need a comfy pair of dancing shoes. 

Allocate Time To Celebrate This Special Day

The day is almost at an end, and often the couple has not had the time or space to celebrate each other. Therefore, the married couple should pencil in a time away, sneak off even for 15 minutes, to say, “Thank You for today; I see you.”


Having a stress-free wedding is possible. However, it takes careful planning and focusing on what’s essential to make their day unique and memorable. 

Set priorities, delegate tasks, and find ways to relax and enjoy the process; the couple can reduce the stress of planning and create a more memorable and meaningful celebration.

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