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What is The Best Man’s Speech?

I’ve covered hundreds of weddings and have seen some fantastic Best Man speeches but also a small number that have been a disaster! An essential component of the wedding breakfast, the best man’s speech can be stressful to prepare. However, with enough forethought and preparation, you can delivery a funny and memorable speech that will make an impression on the bride, groom, and guests (hopefully in a good way!).

How To Write A Best Man’s Speech

Start With The Basics

Before writing your speech, gather all the necessary information (remember family members’ names!), the wedding party, and any special guests. It would be best if you also learned about how the couple got together, which can provide valuable inspiration… and some embarrassing stories for your speech.

Plan your speech

Next, create a plan for your speech. Start by making an outline that includes the main points you want to cover. It would be best if you aimed for a speech that is between 5-7 minutes long, so be mindful of the length when you’re planning your speech.

Write in your voice

Your speech should reflect your personality and relationship with the bride and groom. Be yourself, be funny if you’re naturally funny, and be sincere if that feels right. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Remember, the audience wants to hear from the best man, not a comedian or motivational speaker.

Be respectful

While humour is excellent, it’s essential to respect the bride and groom and avoid embarrassing or controversial material. It’s also important to remember that the audience is made up of people of different ages and backgrounds, so be mindful of what you say.

Make it personal

Personalise your speech by including anecdotes about your relationship with the bride and groom. This will make your address more genuine and meaningful and help you connect with the audience. You can also include inside jokes and shared memories that the couple will appreciate.

Pay tribute to the couple

Use your speech to express your love and admiration for the bride and groom. Offer a toast to their happiness, and speak from the heart about what makes their relationship unique. Share your hopes and wishes for their future together.

Practice, practice, practice

Rehearse your speech several times before the wedding day to get a feel for the flow and timing. This will help you feel more confident and comfortable when it comes time to deliver your speech. Try to practice in front of an audience to understand how your speech will be received.

Have fun!

Finally, remember to have fun! This is a celebration, after all, and your speech should reflect that. Embrace the moment and enjoy yourself. The bride and groom will appreciate your efforts, and the guests will remember your speech for years to come.

Best Man’s Speech Photos

It’s typical for a professional wedding photographer to take photos of the wedding speeches. These are typically the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. It’s a great part of the day as the speeches are normally very well received which creates some great shots of people’s reactions and laughter in the wedding breakfast.

Best Man’s Speech Jokes

Here are some jokes that you can use in your best man’s speech:

  1. “I used to be the best man in my friend’s life, now he’s getting married, I’m just a backup dancer.”
  2. “Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning, all you need is two hearts and a diamond. By the end, you wish you had a club and a spade.”
  3. “I’ve known the groom since we were kids, and let me tell you, he hasn’t changed a bit. Except now, he has better taste in women.”
  4. “The only thing harder than being the best man, is finding a gift for the couple that they don’t already have.”
  5. “I asked the groom how he knew he found the one, and he told me he just knew. I told him, that’s what they all say. Then I asked his bride, and she said she Googled him.”
  6. “Marriage is like a walk in the park, it starts off romantic, then it gets a little rocky, but as long as you hold hands, you’ll get through it.”

Offensive Best Man’s Speech Jokes

Remember to keep the jokes lighthearted and not offensive to anyone in the audience. For example, be very cautious about using the infamous ‘Bangor’ joke which goes something like this:

“I hope that [bride and groom] enjoy their honeymoon in Wales. I assume that’s where they are going… When I asked [groom] what he was doing after the wedding, he said he was going to Bangor for a fortnight.”

You have been warned!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best man supposed to say in his speech?

The best man speech is typically a mix of humour and sentimentality, where the speaker recounts personal anecdotes and memories of the groom, and wishes the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness. The speech should also express gratitude to the couple, their families and guests for being a part of the special day. Additionally, it is common to offer a toast to the bride and groom. The key is to personalise the speech, make it memorable, and keep it appropriate for the occasion.

How long should a speech be for a best man?

Typically, a best man’s speech should be between 5 to 7 minutes in length. The aim is to keep it to the point and engaging while also delivering a heartfelt message. It’s important to avoid dragging on too long and losing the attention of the audience, but at the same time, don’t rush through the speech and leave out important points. Finding the right balance will ensure that the speech is memorable and well-received.


A best man’s speech is an opportunity to pay tribute to the bride and groom and to share your love and admiration for them. With some planning, preparation, and practice, you can create a speech that will leave a lasting impression and help make the bride and groom’s special day more memorable.