Judges Hotel Wedding Photographer

Judges Hotel Wedding Photography

Judges Hotel, formerly known as Kirklevington Hall, is a popular wedding venue and getaway for people who live near the North Yorkshire Moors. Located near Yarm in the North East, Judges Hotel offers luxury accommodations and sits in the middle of 22 acres of gardens and thick woods. A small river runs quietly through the woodlands. There are many pathways among the gardens and through the wooded areas. 

Judges Hotel is well-known for its luxury features when it comes to weddings. Everything a bride and groom need can be found on the grounds. The Downs family who restored the hotel also had success restoring other manor houses as well. Extensive efforts were taken to restore the building as close to its original glory as possible. Today Judges Hotel sits in regal fashion, surrounded by its beautiful Victorian wall and lavish gardens.

History of Judges Hotel

Kirklevington Hall was built in 1881 by the Richardson family. During World War II, the Army took possession of the property and used it until the end of the conflict. When the Downs family acquired the property, it became a home away from home for judges who travelled through the area. From the early 1970s to 1989, local judges stayed at the home for all their travelling needs. In 1989, when the judges stopped using the property, the renovations began. By 1994, Judges Hotel opened and was ready for business.

The elegance of the manor has been restored, along with all the gardens and beautiful Victorian wall that once doubled as a bunker for the British Army. Couples can spend time preparing for their special day in the lavish rooms of the country house. The property has several areas throughout the estate allowing for exquisite wedding photography anywhere on the grounds.

Weddings and Events at Judges Hotel

Judges Hotel offers 5-star dining as well as wedding packages. Because of its history as a temporary home for judges, there is ample space for meetings, and large areas are ideal for wedding breakfasts and receptions. Your wedding day will be one to remember if it takes place on the grounds of the Judges Hotel. The chefs on staff at the hotel are capable of creating a one-of-a-kind menu for your guests.

When you book your wedding at Judges Hotel, you have access to the entire grounds. With all the amenities the hotel offers, you can get married at the hotel, and stay for your honeymoon as well. Rushpool Hall is also close by and available for weddings. As your wedding photographer, I will be with you every step of the way during your big day. It will be a day full of fun and festivities for all who join us. Today is your day! Let's celebrate.

Simon Hogben, Your Judges Hotel Wedding Photographer

I am Simon, and I would love to be your Judges Hotel wedding photographer. Although my business is located in Yarm, I work throughout Yorkshire and am not adverse to travelling. I have shot weddings at the Judges Hotel before and would love to do so again. As a wedding photographer, I am always looking for new ways to capture the essence of a venue and how it brings out the best in the newlyweds.

The quiet solitude of the Judges Hotel allows you to relax and enjoy every minute of your day. There is no rushing or pressure once all of your plans are complete. The only thing left for you to do is smile and allow me to capture as many of your memories as possible. As you spend time with your friends and family, I will be hard at work snapping the shots that will make up your wedding album.

Let's Get Your Appointment Scheduled!

Call me as soon as you choose your wedding date, and schedule an appointment with me so I can get to know you. The more I learn about what you are looking for and the type of venue you will be using for your ceremony, it will make it easier for me to capture your style. Everyone photographs differently.

I want to capture the impromptu smile and the sudden blush on the bride's cheeks. I have a natural style that allows me to follow the events of your big day and capture each one. Together, we can create a wedding album you can enjoy in the future. Don't wait to call me! We can sit down and put together a wedding plan that ensures no moment is missed as you start your life together.