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Bradbury Glade Wedding Photography

My name is Simon Hogben, and I am a Bradbury Glade wedding photographer in Yarm-on-Tees Yorkshire. As a wedding photographer, I try my best to provide exceptional wedding photos that you will cherish for years to come. I prefer candid shots that give glimpses of the special moments, but I also feel it is essential to include a few portraits in the mix. An example of this would be a photo of you in your wedding dress.

Posed photos can make you look stiff. My ultimate goal is to make you look as natural as possible, even in your portraits. I will wander amongst your guests throughout your reception, capturing the special moments. Your wedding photos should represent who you are and how you truly feel. I am here to make that happen. I’m very laid-back and enjoy what I do. I’m a creative sort who looks for the unique, especially with lighting and composition.

Weddings at Bradbury Glade

Bradbury Lane is one of the most unique wedding venues in the UK. Located in County Durham, the venue is perfect for wedding photography and offers ceremony spaces inside and outside. Bradbury Glade sits in the middle of a 60-acre forest, surrounded by nature on all sides. The trees create beautiful walls in variegated shades of green, and the sky provides a brilliant blue ceiling full of sunshine and fresh air.

Sedgefield and Darlington are close by and have several luxury hotels where you can choose to stay. Once you know your wedding date and start to make your arrangements, booking your wedding photographer should be one of the first calls you make. My name is Simon Hogben, and I am a County Durham wedding photographer with several years of experience. I get a lot of joy out of what I do, and I look forward to sharing my creative side with you!

About Bradbury Glade, Sedgefield

Bradbury Glade is a one-of-a-kind wedding venue that allows you to escape from your everyday routine to a world full of magic and beauty. Three giant tipis are available as well as a chill-out tent where you can relax and enjoy your big day. The tents are connected, allowing you to have a spacious ceremony area. You will also have room for all of your guests during your reception.

The staff at Bradbury Glade will go over and above so that every detail is in order before you arrive for your wedding. The tents will be in place, and the food and beverages will be ready to be served as soon as it’s time for the reception. The grounds will be perfectly manicured, and you will be able to explore the area once things settle down.

Bradbury Glade Weddings

Bradbury Glade is hidden in the middle of nowhere. You are less than 20 minutes from Darlington and Sedgefield, making it easy to get to and from your hotel by taxi. The tipis offer seating for 150 guests and are erected so the sides can be lifted, giving you a full view of the wonders of nature surrrounding you. The natural lighting makes for exquisite wedding photos and stunning background effects.

Bradbury Glade offers a ceremony space like no other. It is primitive in many ways but offers amenities that make it a good choice as a modern wedding venue. The property offers modern facilities and a full menu of services to meet all of your needs. Caterers, stylists, and wedding planners are available and can help you work through all the details of your special day.

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As soon as you have picked your wedding date, call to schedule your first appointment with me. Getting to know one another is essential in my line of work. I want to know your style and personality. It gives me a chance to come up with ideas for specific pictures you want to include in your wedding album. Not everyone likes to stick to traditional photos. By meeting you first, I will get an idea of what pictures you are looking for.

Being able to provide you with the photographs you want and will cherish the most is what I always strive for. I want your wedding album to tell the story of your love and allow you to relive every wonderful moment of your wedding day. Call today so I can schedule you on my calendar! I look forward to sharing your big day with you and your guests!