Wedding Photographer Howard Court

Howard Court Wedding Venue

Couples who are looking for a wedding location that is truly one of a kind and will leave their guests with a lasting impression should consider Howard Court. This venue, which is found in the picturesque mountain community of English, offers guests an immersive experience that is sure to make the big day even more memorable and significant. The main event space consists of an expansive ballroom that provides seating for up to 250 guests in a manner that is both comfortable and elegant. It is impossible to deny the grandiosity of the room given its imposing hardwood flooring and towering ceilings. The atmosphere of the ballroom is both romantic and inviting thanks to the tasteful accents that complement the elegant decor that is used throughout. There is also an outdoor space that boasts a breathtaking view of the nearby mountains, making it an ideal location for taking breathtaking wedding photographs. There is a private bridal suite available for the happy couple, which is designed in an elegant style and provides a peaceful retreat from the excitement of the day. The beginning of your happily ever after can begin in no better setting than Howard Court.