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The Cost Of Hiring a Wedding Photographer

According to the Bridebook Industry Report 2022, the average cost of wedding photography in the UK is £1,290. This equates to between 5% and 10% of the overall average spend of a wedding budget across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the North East the figure is nearer £1,200.

The location, time of year, services offered, and, most importantly, the experience and reputation of the wedding photographer can make a big difference in the price.

The following list looks at the factors influencing the pricing of UK wedding photographers in 2022.

What affects the price of wedding photography?

Most experienced photographers offer wedding photography packages that include things like how long they will be there, where the wedding will take place, wedding albums, and the option to buy extra services.

1) Location
The average cost does vary slightly by region, however. The Midlands, the
North East and the North West make up the lower end of the scale – if you are getting married in one of these areas, you can expect to pay an average of £1,200 for your photography. Meanwhile, couples in London, unsurprisingly, tend to pay the highest amounts – £1,487 on average.

2) Duration
Where you live isn’t the only thing that will influence the price you pay for wedding photography. One of the most obvious factors to take into account is the duration of coverage. Most photographers will cover the bridal prep, the ceremony, and the reception, until just after the first dance. If you want coverage until later in the evening, you’ll usually pay extra based on your photographer’s hourly rate. On the other hand, if you’re happy with part-day coverage, you’ll save yourself some money.

3) Optional Extras
Other services, such as a pre-wedding shoot or an additional photographer – are great to have, if your budget allows for them. A pre-wedding shoot is an opportunity for your photographer to get to know you before the big day, and get a feel for the style of photos you want. If you do this at your venue, you’ll be able to scope out the best backdrops in advance, too. And, having a second shooter will allow you to capture even more of your wedding. However, these additional services will of course, bump up the overall cost.

4) Number Of Images
Another big factor is what’s included photo-wise. When comparing costs, be sure to take into account how many unwatermarked digital files are included and how you’ll receive them – for example, on a USB or via an online gallery. Editing will come as standard, so the photos you receive will look the best and are in the photographer’s style. If you want to purchase a wedding album or order prints directly from your photographer, this will come at an additional fee.

5) Time Of The Year
The time of year will play a part, too – wedding photographers’ services are in high demand during peak times, which means prices will be higher. So, if you’re getting married in the summer, you can expect to pay a little more than you would for a winter wedding. Even the day of the week will make a difference – Friday and weekend weddings are more popular and therefore command a slightly higher price.

6) Camera Equipment
The cost of the photographer’s camera equipment will affect the prices up to a point. It costs a lot to buy the equipment needed for a first time wedding photographer. Every professional should carry at least two camera bodies, multiple lenses, flash lighting, and other accessories. These business costs could easily exceed £10,000, which will be hard to recover by doing cheap wedding photography.

Expensive cameras don’t always mean better photos, but as a tool for the job, they can capture impressive fine art images and also make a photographer’s life much easier.

Last but not least, the price you pay will depend on the photographer’s reputation and their level of experience.

Is it worth paying more for a good wedding photographer?

Hiring a cheap wedding photographer may be good news for your budget, but you risk having someone inexperienced in charge of the photos of your big day. The truth is many wedding photographers do photography as a hobby and use the money they get to buy extra lenses or equipment. In the UK, there are an estimated 55,000 wedding photographers but only 278,000 weddings per year.

This means the average wedding photographer is doing 5-6 weddings a year. In that figure are some professionals doing 50 or more weddings and some doing just a few.

An experienced wedding photographer will put you at ease, leading to more natural-looking shots. They’ll also look after the details, acting as an extra set of eyes to ensure shirts are tucked in, eyes are open, and venue décor is in order. On the other hand, a wedding photographer who is just starting might miss the small details or not have enough experience to catch those natural, unposed moments.

You might prefer to use a wedding photographer who has worked at your venue before, particularly if it’s somewhere unusual. Or, if you like a certain style of photography, you may want to find someone who is experienced in capturing similar types of images. These are just some things you might find worth paying a little more for.

How much do the best wedding photographers cost?

Remember, your wedding photos will be special memories to look back on for years. They’ll outlast almost every other aspect of your wedding day. If you hire a professional photographer, you’ll be able to relax on your big day, knowing that you’re in good hands. And, in the end, you’ll have a beautiful album of quality images to show off to your friends and family.

So, how much does the best wedding photographer cost? There is a budget and a luxury end of the market which could start at £500 for full-day coverage and go up to £10,000 or more.

Due to the importance of wedding photography, the best choice for your perfect wedding photographer is someone who fits with you, your style, and your wedding budget.

The bottom line on wedding photography prices

At an average of just under £1,300, wedding photography prices aren’t cheap. It’s a difficult decision for any bride or groom. However, you’ll be investing in everlasting memories of your big day.

If you’re looking for a professional wedding photographer in the North East of England, please contact Simon Hogben. I have years of experience as a professional wedding photographer and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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