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Guide to micro weddings

While many people dream of a large wedding, the coronavirus pandemic forced many couples to scale back their plans for their big day. With this, a new trend has emerged – micro weddings.

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is simply a wedding with a small number of guests – typically no more than 20. They’re not to be confused with intimate weddings, which can have between 30 and 60 guests at your wedding venue.

While micro weddings are typically shorter and more laidback, they still let you incorporate all of the elements you might have imagined for your big day. This makes them an excellent option for couples who enjoy the traditions but would rather their wedding be a more low-key affair.

Why Choose A Micro Wedding?

There are many benefits of a micro wedding. Whether you’re getting married in London or New York, in a wedding venue or registry office, you can enjoy your wedding celebrations with close friends by taking a different approach to your wedding planning.

1) Have Everything You Want On A Smaller Scale
Unlike couples who want an elopement, those who choose a micro wedding still experience the traditional elements of a typical wedding celebration. The white dress, the wedding breakfast, the cake, and the first dance can all be included in the plans for your big day if you want it to be. The only difference is the number of guests there to share it all with you. You can still share your experiences more broadly on social media, such as Instagram.

2) Save Money
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a micro wedding for any bride or groom is that it’ll save you some money. The average number of wedding guests in the UK is 82 – and with venues often charging per head, it’s easy to see how you can make huge savings by scaling back your guest list. From champagne toasts to wedding favours, lowering your guest numbers will soften the blow to your wallet in more ways than one.

3) Go All-out On The Upgrades
Rather than stashing those saved pennies away, having a small wedding means you might choose to splash out on a few upgrades instead. With fewer guests to cater for, options that once seemed unaffordable might start to fall within your budget. You could treat yourself to your dream designer dress, hire a luxury florist or top-class catering, for example. Or, spoil your family members and guests with an open bar. You could even spend the savings on an extravagant honeymoon in a once-in-a-lifetime location – the Maldives, anyone?

4) Relax More
For some, a big, fancy wedding can feel a little overwhelming. By having a wedding with a smaller guest list, you can spend the day with your closest family and friends and not have to worry about trying to please many people. With fewer eyes on you, you might feel more at ease and enjoy yourself more. You’ll also get more quality time with your guests, as there will be fewer people to catch up with. Micro weddings are ideal if you want a stress-free wedding.

5) Get Married At Short Notice
Micro weddings also have another huge benefit – a shorter lead time. Whether you’re more mature, suffering from an illness, or perhaps just really keen on getting married, there are many reasons why you might want to tie the knot sooner rather than later. With fewer guests to cater for, you’re likely to have a wider choice of venues, and suppliers should be able to turn things around sooner. Plus, finding a date for your wedding day that suits everyone will be easier when you don’t have hundreds of people to consider.

Micro Wedding Venues

Many venues now cater for smaller wedding ceremonies and have embraced the micro-wedding trend. The key elements of a traditional wedding day, where the dress code, wedding cake, wedding dress, wedding photography and other special touches, are preserved.

The Bottom Line On Micro Weddings

The Covid-19 pandemic fuelled a surge in micro weddings, but with social distancing becoming a thing of the past, this trend looks like it’s here to stay – as reported by If you opt for a micro-wedding, it’ll be small in terms of the guest list – but there’s no reason why you can’t go big on everything else for your dream wedding. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more couples in the UK are going down this route.

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