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The best wedding photography is about capturing moments – laughter, tears, or emotion from the day. Whether you’re getting married in Northumberland or North Yorkshire, in my experience, hiring two wedding photographers on your special day is a great idea.

Here are some reasons why:

You get photos from many different angles

In reality, weddings look best when shot from multiple angles and with several cameras. A great example is when the lead photographer takes a picture of the Bride and her father coming up the aisle. At the same time, the second photographer can capture the view from the back as they process. Another example would be two different views of the first kiss or exchanging of wedding rings.

After months of planning, the day flashes by

Your wedding day can take months to plan, but it’s over in a flash. This is because there are so many memorable moments during the day. Having two photographers means it’s much easier to capture them all. Whilst many moments during the wedding day are part of the wedding schedule (like the first dance or cutting of the cake), many are unplanned and spontaneous. Having two photographers significantly increases the chances of capturing those unique moments.

It’s all about you

Having a second photographer allows me (as the lead photographer) to focus on the key images of the day. It also allows me to focus on the Bride to catch the all-important main photos and minimise any stress or unexpected issues on the day. This includes getting the second photographer to help with camera equipment and lighting for portrait sessions for the first dance in the evening.

They can be in more than one place at once

A second photographer comes into their own when the wedding occurs at multiple locations. The best example was when the Bride was getting ready in one place, and Groom was getting prepared somewhere else. Although the Bride is typically the main focus of the wedding, it’s nice to get some pictures of the groom and groomsmen getting ready in the morning.

If the worst happens

If there is a problem on the day with equipment or personnel, the fact that there are two photographers minimises the risk of anything impacting the wedding itself. This can include short-notice illnesses, car breakdowns, equipment failure or some other unforeseen issue. Hiring a second photographer covers those bases, just in case.


In summary, having a second shooter is an excellent benefit for the wedding and the lead photographer. He allows me to be in more than one place at once, to capture more images and to have assistance and backup on the day. Overall this creates a better experience and results in the best photography from the wedding day.

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